​Dr. Stephanie Valberg

valberg riding horse02

Stephanie Valberg was named the Mary Anne McPhail Dressage Chair in Equine Sports Medicine in November of 2015 and retired in December of 2022. Valberg is an international leader in understanding and managing equine neuromuscular disorders. The overarching goal of her research and clinical work is to define the basis for neuromuscular disorders in horses; develop accurate, minimally invasive diagnostic tests; and produce optimal methods for preventing or managing performance-limiting diseases.

Valberg’s work in equine muscle disease has transformed equine clinical practice. Her research has led to the discovery of previously unknown muscle disorders, identification of their genetic basis, and development of nutritional strategies to minimize muscle pain. She was part of a team that developed the first feed used to treat tying up, and was a member of the team that sequenced the equine genome.

Valberg mentored more than 60 graduate students, interns, residents, and post-doctoral students. She is widely published and is a recipient of numerous awards for teaching and mentorship.

Dr. Hilary Clayton


Hilary Clayton was the first incumbent Mary Anne McPhail Dressage Chair. She held the position from June 1997 until April 2014.

An equestrian, veterinarian, author, researcher, and clinician, she is known internationally for contributions to the understanding of equine biomechanics, particularly relating to performance and conditioning.

Clayton’s targeted studies in bitting, saddle fit biometrics, kinematics and kinetics, and locomotion have provided valuable insight into the mechanics of equine sports, the interaction between rider and horse, and the effects of various rehabilitation techniques.

Active in the sport of dressage, Clayton is a United States Dressage Federation (USDF) Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist, and is a certified equestrian coach in the UK and Canada. She has been a member of the Canadian National Coaching Committees for the sports of dressage, jumping, and eventing, and is currently a member of the USDF Dressage Committee.

Clayton continues to author books and give lectures and presentations to the equine community.