The Veterinary Nursing Program is teaming up with the Veterinary Medical Center to create an opportunity for veterinary assistants looking to pursue a career in veterinary nursing.

It is a two-year program available to current veterinary assistants working in the VMC. Upon finishing the program, participants will have a Certificate of Completion in Veterinary Nursing and a veterinary nursing position in the VMC.

Eligible Candidates:

  • Are veterinary assistants currently working full-time in the VMC.
  • Are employees of CT level 6 or 8.
  • Have a most recent performance evaluation rating of “meets expectations” or “exceeds expectations” with no current disciplinary actions on record.

Application Information:

To apply to the Work/Learn Program you must first apply to the Veterinary Nursing Program before the deadline. You must have completed all prerequisites necessary for the Veterinary Nursing Program. If your application also meets the requirements listed above for the Work/Learn Program, you may be selected for one of two spots being offered.

Work and Class

Once accepted you will complete the Veterinary Nursing Certificate Program while maintaining your position as a veterinary assistant in the VMC. Work scheduling will be flexible to accommodate your veterinary nursing classes and laboratories. Additionally, you may use your release time provided to you by the CT collective bargaining unit to attend classes and laboratories. Special additional release time may be provided, if possible.

During the fifth semester of the Veterinary Nursing Certificate Program, you will complete the required five clinical clerkships of the program curriculum. These are scheduled daily from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday over the summer semester (hours may vary from service to service). You will be paid by the VMC for the hours you work on the clinic floor as part of the Veterinary Nursing Certificate Program in this fifth semester.

Covering Tuition:

In addition to the University Educational Assistance benefit provided by your Veterinary Assistant position, a portion of tuition will be covered with financial assistance from the office of the Dean. If you use your EA benefit along with the Dean’s office assistance, cost of tuition for the entire program should be approximately the cost of only a single semester. Funding for the program can be discussed in more detail with an academic advisor.

Career Advancement:

Upon completion of the program, you must pass the Veterinary Technical National Examination (VTNE) and become a licensed Veterinary Technician in the State of Michigan. Following these steps, you will be promoted to a Veterinary Technician I (CT level 10) and must commit to working in the VMC for two years.


We encourage you to reach out to our Veterinary Nursing advisors to ensure your eligibility.

Contact our office for more information or to schedule advising at