Dedicated to providing the most accurate diagnosis and optimal treatment of muscle disorders in horses

Dr. Valberg will be out of the lab from June 22 to July 1 2022. Samples received June 20 to July 1 will be read out on her return.


Information on this site is intended for information purposes for veterinarians to guide in the diagnostic work up of muscle diseases. Owner-diagnosis and owner-treatment of horses is not recommended and may indeed be dangerous. Owners must consult their veterinarian before implementing any of the treatment recommendation described.


  • Online Submission Form. Use this link, fill out the required fields and submit. You will receive a PDF of the completed form to print and submit with the biopsy.
  • If online isn’t working use this PDF
  • Pricing: $300/sample beginning June 1, 2022
  • Shipping information
  • Submitting information
  • Obtain a 1/2-inch cube of semimembranosus or sacrocaudalis (if atrophy)
  • Leave biopsy in air while you suture
  • Optional, cut the biopsy in half across with width of the muscle (not lengthwise) and place in the cassette so the two halves can be sectioned simultaneously.
  • Place in at least 130 mls (4.5 ounces) 10% neutral buffered formalin 3-5 min after you take the biopsy
  • How to take a biopsy
  • Turn around time: By Friday of the week following submission (10-14 days)

Note: We do not perform genetic testing: Please submit to the Veterinary Genetics Lab at UC Davis.