Hearn Cari

Current Position

Staff Scientist, USDA- Avian Disease and Oncology Laboratory

CMIB Degree


Prior Degrees

  • Prior Degrees: BS Animal Science, Andrews University, 2007
  • DVM, Michigan State University, 2012
  • MS, CMIB, Michigan State University, 2013 (mentors: Dr. Ian York and Yuzbasiyan-Gurkan)


Dr. Hans Cheng

Research Interests

Viral infectious diseases and immunology. I have been studying immune evasion in Marek’s Disease Virus, an alpha-herpesvirus of chickens. My work has involved characterizing the gene responsible for MHC class I down-regulation in MDV infection, in order to determine its role in viral pathogenesis and its impact on vaccine efficacy. Insights gained from this project may benefit rational vaccine development as well as
provide increased understanding of herpesviral pathogenesis. I will also be studying mechanisms related to immune control of Marek's disease tumorogenesis.