Current Position

Post-doctoral fellow with Dr. Norby at University of Michigan

CMIB Degree

Completed PhD in CMIB: Summer 2012

Prior Degrees

  • BS Microbiology and Molecular
  • Genetics, Michigan State University, 2004
  • BS Zoology - Genetics emphasis, Michigan State University, 2004


Dr. Shannon Manning, Dr. Dele Davies

Research Interests

My graduate research focuses on understanding the genetic structure and molecular evolution of important

bacterial pathogens with particular interest in pathogenesis and host adaption. Using a variety of molecular tools, I investigate the global distribution of bacterial clones and the presence of specific virulence
genes in human and animal populations. In conducting genetic analyses, my work elucidates the genetic framework of bacterial populations and the role of recombination in the emergence and evolution of new
pathogenic clones. Additionally, I am using in vitro infection models to study bacterial-host interactions and identify factors contributing to differences in disease and virulence observed among distinct genotypes.

Amber Springman's publications