Prior Degrees

  • Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine,National Taiwan University, Taiwan, June 2008
  • MS Preventive Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis, December 2009


Dr. Julie Funk

Research Interests

I am interested in epidemiology of infectious diseases/ foodborne pathogens/zoonotic diseases in domestic animals or wildlife. Moreover, outbreak investigation, management plan, risk assessment and application of the on-farm disease control methods all interest me. I am currently working with Dr. Funk on a project about epidemiology of STEC (Shiga-toxin producing E coli) in swine. Shiga-toxin producing E coli is an important foodborne pathogen, and the epidemiology of STEC and zoonotic food-borne transmission has been well described in cattle, but not in swine. This longitudinal cohort study we proposed is to provide descriptive epidemiology of STEC shedding in swine in the hope of providing critical information of epidemiology of STEC in swine. Ultimately, the goal of better understanding of the epidemiology of STEC shedding in swine and the
association between pigs, pork, and human illness can be achieved.

Marion Tseng's publications