Posted October 03, 2022

At the MSU Veterinary Medical Center, student workers play key roles to support daily operations, putting their classroom learning into action and helping patients receive top-notch care. We talked to Shayna Glase, a second-year Veterinary Nursing student who works in the Hospital, about the job.

Shayna Glase Vn Student Blog
Shayna Glase holds a small canine friend.

What type of tasks do you do as part of your work in the MSU Veterinary Medical Center?

In ICU, I help the nurses with treatments on inpatients and help the veterinarians with triaging patients. This includes running bloodwork, walking dogs, and holding patients for exams and blood draws.

What have you learned at the Hospital?

Through working in this Hospital, I have learned that I have a passion for emergency medicine and have already made some great connections.

I have gotten to help in several cool and interesting cases, and I have gotten to practice many different skills like CPR, taking blood pressure using a Doppler, and placing urinary catheters.

How does your work complement your education?

Being able to practice and apply the topics I am learning in my classes has helped to enhance my learning and my understanding.

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