Live a day in the life of a large animal veterinary professional!

The Future Large Animal Medical Exposure (FLAME) program gives undergraduate students a glimpse into the exciting world of large animal medicine. FLAME opens paths to pursue education in the field, provides mentorship, and guides students—both unfamiliar with our large animal friends, and those with prior experience—in an exploration of the Large Animal Clinical Sciences.


Funded by the King-Chavez-Parks (KCP) grant, FLAME provides unique large animal learning experiences to pre-veterinary and veterinary nursing preference students from backgrounds underrepresented in veterinary medicine.

By following large animal hospital cases under the mentorship of MSU College of Veterinary Medicine professors and clinicians, participants will get an authentic experience of what it means to be a large animal veterinary professional and serve the Michigan community by treating horses, cows, and more.

Additionally, the program counts toward veterinary experience hours for veterinary school applications.

Apply to FLAME

What is KCP-eligiblity?

You are KCP-eligible if you are:

  • A first generation college student
  • From an underrepresented background
  • A Michigan resident

FLAME is open to all preveterinary and veterinary nursing preference students, but prioritizes those who are KCP-elgibile.

Students who qualify to apply are:

  • MSU pre-veterinary and veterinary nursing preference students
  • In good standing with MSU
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FLAME is held on weekdays. If this time frame conflicts with your class schedule please make arrangements with your instructors. If you need assistance in this regard please contact Maria Serrato at

Note: This program takes place in an active veterinary hospital. Participants should expect to see medical scenes including medical procedures, and patients with injuries.

Please read the MSU Veterinary Medical Center's shadowing policy to understand the rules and expectations when shadowing clinicians in the Hospital.