Posted February 09, 2015

Sometimes when clients come to the MSU College of Veterinary Medicine, the cost of treatment is more than they can afford. Fortunately, there is help: the Lucky Fund, the Irondog Fund, and the Bloom Fund.

Paul and Susan Bloom established their fund in 2011, realizing that funds existed for small companion animals, but not for large animals. Thanks to their generosity, now there is support for owners of large animal “companions.”

The Blooms

Paul and Susan Bloom are well-acquainted with outdoor companions. Their current count is five horses, including two boarders, two adopted mini donkeys, three sheep, and one goat. The Blooms understand the close connection between owners and their animals, no matter the size.

When Paul’s mother died in 2011, Paul and Susan wanted to recognize her passion for education. They created the Frances Melman Fisher Memorial Scholarship, designated for graduate students with financial need. Establishing that fund was so meaningful, Paul and Susan then asked, “What else can we do that helps animals directly?” Knowing that the Lucky and Irondog Funds were only for small animals, they decided to help large companion animals.

As you will read in "Police Horse Casey", the Bloom Fund is accomplishing exactly what Paul and Susan wanted. No matter the size, large or small, help is available at the CVM for animals who will benefit from a second chance.

You can help support the Bloom Fund today.