Hearing from Heroes Posted by Dr. Christopher J. Gray on April 01, 2020

Dr. Chris Gray, director of the MSU Veterinary Medical Center, reflects on these past few weeks, what it's like to be a veterinarian right now, and what it means to be a Spartan.

How To Make Social Distancing Feel Less Distant Posted on March 23, 2020

Like dogs and cats, we humans are ultimately social creatures. While the introverts among us may not balk at two or more weeks of limited in-person contact, the social distancing measures being advised by public health experts can still disrupt everyone’s overall social and mental wellbeing.

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Veterinary Student Becomes Student Veterinarian at MSU Small Animal Clinic Posted on February 17, 2020

Second-year DVM Student Illissa Chasnick spent her time off from formal classes in East Lansing to learn about emergency medicine and practice her hands-on clinical skills over winter break.

MSU Large Animal Veterinarians Collaborate, Saves Young Steer’s Life Posted on February 10, 2020

Leo is a two-year-old Holstein/Jersey steer that presented to Michigan State University’s Large Animal Emergency Service for obstructive urolithiasis, uroabdomen, and rumen dysbiosis/vagal indigestion.

MSU Works with CANTER Michigan to Give Off-The-Track-Thoroughbreds a Life After Racing Posted on February 10, 2020

“Tapit on the Run,” a three-year-old Thoroughbred filly, presented to Michigan State University’s Large Animal Surgery Service for an incomplete lateral condylar fracture on the right rear limb.