Posted December 13, 2019

DVM-Phd student Zoë Williams is one of three veterinary students who have been awarded Coyote Rock Ranch Veterinary Scholarships by The Foundation of the Horse. All three students are pursuing careers in equine medicine. Williams' scholarship totals $75,000.

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Recently, Williams was featured by the MSU College of Veterinary Medicine for Give Green Day, a campus-wide fundraising event. The College raised money for scholarships, and Williams emphasized how receiving the Tracy A. Hammer Memorial Fellowship has impacted her educational experience.

"This fellowship has allowed me to finish my PhD this semester, without taking on more financial burdens," Williams said. "I am truly grateful for this award... Her memorial fellowship has enabled me to pursue my DVM/PhD investigating equine myofibrillar myopathy. Tracy truly pioneered the way for ambitious dual degree students, and I want to continue her legacy."

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