Posted November 23, 2022

Regarding the 2022 holiday season:

The United States faces a critical shortage of veterinary professionals, especially of veterinary technicians, or veterinary nurses. This shortage affects MSU, just as it does practices across the state. At times, when the Hospital has reached a capacity in the number of animals that we are able to treat safely and effectively, we may need to turn away clients in order to prioritize life-threatening cases.

We encourage you to call our front desk (Small Animal: 517-353-5420; Large Animal: 517-353-9710) before visiting to communicate about an incoming case and our capacity to accept new patients at that time. Please know that this status is fluid and can change abruptly.

We will continue to deliver the utmost quality care to our patients. Thank you for trusting the Michigan State University Veterinary Medical Center with the animals under your care.