Posted March 30, 2022
Featuring Harry Cridge
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Since the beginning of his veterinary career, Dr. Harry Cridge has made an everlasting impact on animal health, specifically, small animal internal medicine.

Cridge’s passion for this specialized animal care pairs with his expertise, having recently obtained additional specialist status in small animal medicine (gastroenterology) by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS). Cridge is one of two veterinarians in the world recognized in this specialty by the RCVS. His additional accolades include board certification by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine and the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, as well as membership in the International Society of Feline Medicine and the RCVS.

“The RCVS gastroenterology specialism is based out of the UK and much smaller than other specialties. Currently, there are only two RCVS recognized specialists in small animal medicine (gastroenterology)– Professor Ed Hall (UK) and I (USA),” says Cridge.

To obtain this certification, Cridge submitted an application packet to the RCVS. A specialized panel then reviewed his credentials, in addition to his academic and research achievements, which are extensive. They concluded that he met the standard to be recognized as a gastroenterology specialist.

In the world of small animal medicine, this situates Cridge not only as an expert in gastroenterology but as a valuable resource for any pets that may suffer from gastrointestinal issues. “It is a true honor to be recognized by the RCVS as a specialist in gastroenterology and to follow in the footsteps of Professor Ed Hall,” says Cridge.

The drive to acquire this additional recognition stems from Cridge’s interest in gastrointestinal maladies. “It’s a common cause of illness among pets; our interventions can significantly improve a patient’s quality of life as well as the human-animal bond,” says Cridge, who was fortunate to have “a fantastic introduction to gastroenterology and gastroenterology research” during his residency (Mississippi State University).

As a veterinary teaching hospital, Cridge’s accomplishments not only benefit MSU’s small animal patients, but the students, interns, residents, and colleagues who have the privilege of working with Cridge. “We’re very, very proud,” says Rob Fowkes, B.Sc., PhD, chairperson for the MSU Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences. “Having Harry’s expertise recognized by a prestigious regulatory body such as the RCVS further demonstrates the impressive pedigree in our faculty, from which our students and our patients can benefit on a daily basis.”

An RCVS recognized specialist, Cridge will continue to provide advanced, next-level care for the patients that need him most. This combined with his research and continuing education in the field of gastroenterology brings the MSU Veterinary Medical Center one step closer to achieving its mission of improving animal health through clinical excellence, groundbreaking research, and teaching.