Some ocular help from man’s best friend
June 2015 (DDNews: Pharma, Biotech & Life Science) -- Dr. Komáromy and University of Pennsylvania collaborator Dr. Gustavo Aguirre presented new preclinical data that evaluates the efficacy of a gene therapy treatment for achromatopsia, which affects humans as well as dogs.

Team from MSU and Penn Develops Novel Gene Therapy
May 7, 2015 (Research @ MSU) -- New gene therapy treatment demonstrates a functional rescue of cone cells in nearly 100 percent of eyes treated. Research was co-led by Dr. Komáromy and Dr. Gustavo Aguirre, professor of medical genetics and ophthalmology at the University of Pennsylvania

Andras Komaromy, PhD, wins Shaffer Award for research of gene therapy to control IOP
Feb 05, 2015 (Ophthalmology Times) -- Dr. Komáromy receives award for his research on the potential of gene therapy to provide lasting control of intraocular pressure in glaucoma patients with known genetic defects. Includes audio interview.

Double visions
Jan 21, 2015 (MSU Today) -- Voices and Viewpoints: Faculty Voices feature on Dr. Komáromy’s work on inherited blinding diseases affecting both animals and humans, as well as his clinical work. 

Dog blindness may lead to insights into human blindness -- 
Jan 2, 2015 (CNN) -- In a decade-long journey across three continents, Komáromy and long-term collaborators identified a new form of progressive retinal atrophy in Swedish Vallhund dogs and have now found a gene defect responsible for the disease. The findings also provide important insight into blinding diseases in humans.

Komáromy selected to receive a 2015 ARVO Foundation/Pfizer Ophthalmics Carl Camras Translational Research Award
May 8, 2014 (Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology) -- The award recognizes a researcher who has exhibited excellence in research and fundamental scientific discoveries, concepts, and novel technologies. Awardees are recognized for a discovery or observation that has led to, or has the promise of leading to, clinical application.

Dr. Komáromy receives 2013 Shaffer Grant for Innovative Glaucoma Research
March 28, 2013 (Glaucoma Research Foundation) -- Dr. Komáromy receives grant for project "Gene Therapy in a Spontaneous Canine Model of Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma."

"One-two punch could be key in treating blindness"
April 9, 2013 (MSU Today) -- The Komáromy Lab proposes a new concept of retinal therapy—a combination therapy that maximizes therapeutic success.

Selected Publications


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