Previous Team Members
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    Where are they now?

  • Ethan Dawson-Baglien
    PhD 2017 (Genetics Program)
    Investigations of ocular melanosis in dogs.
  • Marianne daSilva
    PhD 2017(CMIB Program)
    GNB3 retinal function
  • Laurence Occelli
    PhD 2017 (CMIB Program)
    CRX cat characterization and therapy
  • Andrea Minella
    PhD 2017 (CMIB Program)
    CEP290 characterization and therapy.
  • Melissa Jaiman-Cruz
    MS 2017 (CMIB Program)
    Studying GNB3 function in chickens
  • Paige Winkler
    PhD 2015 Genetics program
    CNGB1 Mutation in Papillon Dogs; The Identification, Characterization and Cure.
    Working in Industry
  • Freya Mowat
    ECVO & ACVO ophthalmology resident/ Post Doc 2015
    RPE65 gene therapy, PDE6A gene therapy
    Assistant Professor. North Carolina State University
  • Matthew Annear
    ACVO ophthalmology resident & MS 2015
    Retinal gene therapy
    Private Practice
  • Kenneth Pierce
    ACVO ophthalmology resident & MS student 2011
    Investigation of PDE5 inhibitors in retinal function of carriers of PDE6 mutations
    Private Practice
  • Jenna DenHouter
    MS 2007
    Gene therapy trials in canine retinal dystrophies
    Private Practice
  • Gillian Shaw
    MS 2007
    Further characterization of the RGE chicken
    Pathologist, University of Wisconsin
  • Nalinee Tuntivanich
    PhD 2006
    Detailed Characterization of the PDE6A mutant dog model of retinitis pigmentosa
    Faculty in Thailand
  • Katherine O’Boyle
    Ophthalmology intern 2005
    Clinical Training
    Private Practice in UK
  • Fabiano Montiani-Ferriera
    PhD 2004
    Vision testing in dogs. Drug therapy in the RPE65 mutant dog.
    Faculty in Brazil
  • Patricia Gearhart
    ACVO ophthalmology resident 2004
    Vision testing in dogs. Drug therapy in the RPE65 mutant dog.
    Private practice
  • Nicholas Cassotis
    ACVO ophthalmology resident 2001
    Video endoscopy of equine nasolacrimal duct. Development of corneal thickness in puppies.
    Private practice