Both undergraduate and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine students work hard on their research projects each summer. Here are some fruits of their efforts: materials created to educate a general public on complex biomedical science work.

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2021 Student Summer Research Projects

Read about and view 2021 summer research projects in "Of Mice-icles, Moo-Moo Munchies, Canine Athletes, and More."

2020 Student Summer Research Projects

Find examples of 2020 student work here, including everything from infographics to poetry.

2019 Student Summer Research Projects

Find examples of student work here, including videos, Venn diagrams, and more.

2018 Student Summer Research Projects

Alexander Zanetti; Better Breathing Through Bugs: How the Keys to Asthma Prevention May Lie in the Gut; Blog post

Allison Gerras; Investigating the Role of Biological Sex and Early Life Stress in Gastrointestinal Health; Infographic

Brady Stutzman; Research Project; Personal blog post

Brandon Frantz; Developmental Lung Disease: Understanding Early Death in Puppies; Infographic

Cailin Harro; Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Investigating Liver Cancer in Dogs; Infographic

Cassidy Harris; My Summer Research Project: The More You Know; Website

Chioma Ngene; Understanding the Metabolism of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis; Infographic

Chris Brennan; V(D)J Recombination: Why We're Able to Get Sick; Blog post

Hailee Butler; African Painted Dogs; Infographic

Jade Neverson; So...What Started This? Acetaminophen Overdose; Infographic

Jaquia White; PLASMIN: Reversing the Damage of Drug-Induced Liver Injury; Infographic

Jessica Kessler; Early Life Stress and the GI Tract; Infographic

Joanna Acosta Bencosme; Neutropils: Cows vs Humans; Infographic

Joe Faryean; Welcome to the Science Zone; Video

Jordan Pieczynski; Canine Estrous Cycle; Infographic

Kennedy Aldrich; Glycogen Depletion in Working Horses; Infographic

Liam Thomas; Searching for Blindness; Diagram

Lindsey Lund; Microsatellite Instability; Infographic

Makenzie McDowell; Microbiome, Probiotics, Shelter Kittens, and Research; Blog post

Marie Negron Camacho; Is All the Fat Bad?; Infographic

Michael Mark; Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia; Infographic

Peter Fowler; Michigan Tick Survey; Infographic

Samantha Gruenwald; Hot vs Cold: The Importance of Housing Temperatures for Mice in Research; Infographic

Sarah Marhofer; Creating a Universal Influenza Vaccine; Infographic

Sumana Prabhakar; AliveCor ECG Vet Application; Infographic

Terry Everett; Compare or Contrast: The Cytotoxic Effects of Iodinated Contrast Media on Renal Proximal Tubule Cells; Infographic

Zoe Williams; Myofibrillar Myopathy; Diagram