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The Girl Who Grew up to be an Equine Surgeon: Chatting with Dr. Ashley VanderBroek March 23, 2022

If you ask a class of second-graders what they want to be when they grow up, many will tell you about their dreams of being a veterinarian. Rarely will one have a specialty picked out, but Dr. Ashley VanderBroek had specific goals in mind.

One Layer at a Time: Printing Custom Instruments to Build Veterinary Orthopedics January 28, 2022

Get to know Dr. Danielle Marturello, assistant professor and clinician in Small Animal Orthopedic Surgery.

New at the Zoo: Dr. Jack Kottwitz on Pharmacology, Teaching, and Bears January 10, 2022 Arriving at Michigan State in 2020, during the pandemic, Kottwitz has learned to teach and conduct research in the face of setbacks.