Posted March 20, 2023

On Monday, March 6, 2023, veterinary students and veterinarians who applied to internships and residencies were given results from the Veterinary Internship and Residency Matching Program.

Veterinarians who pursue internships are often aiming to hone their skills for a future residency or to gain an additional year of training before entering practice. Residencies, which typically last three years, are often pursued in order to train for specialty board examinations. Being matched with a veterinary hospital is an enormous milestone for a veterinary professional, and applying—regardless of the outcome—is a noteworthy accomplishment.

In celebration of those who applied, the College gathered for cookies and greetings on Match Day.

Learn more about residency and internship programs at the MSU Veterinary Medical Center.

Left to right: Joey Preston, Alondra Gallego, and Jose Mix
Nicole Raphael
Left to right: Dr. Karen Perry, Dr. Stephanie Meilleur, Dr. Loïc Déjardin, and Dr. Danielle Marturello
Left to right: Dr. Ilissa Chasnick and Dr. Caylen Erger
Left to right: Kelsey Duggan and Mona Bandyopadhyay
Joey Preston
Hannah Hipkiss
Dr. Ilissa Chasnick
Brendan Nagler
Members of the Veterinary Medical Center's Internal Medicine Service celebrate their newest soon-to-be-resident.
Jessica Hynes
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