Posted December 12, 2022

On Tuesday, December 6, Interim Provost Dr. Thomas Jeitschko visited with PhD, MS, DVM, and Veterinary Nursing students, as well as administrators at the College of Veterinary Medicine. During the meeting, graduate students Janelle LeMon, Peter Fowler, and Arpita Nayak summarized their research for Jeitschko, who responded with questions and also answered questions from the students. Each student also shared about their post-graduation plans.

Key themes emerged during the discussion—the value of interdisciplinary collaboration, the necessity of diversity in research and academia, the flexibility for students and early-career professionals to recognize and seize opportunities, perseverance in the face of perceived setbacks, and the building of a strong, specific foundation of expertise.

Group Photo Crop Resize
(Back row) Peter Fowler, PhD student, CMIB; Janelle LeMon, PhD student, CMIB; Dr. Birgit Puschner, dean, CVM; Taylor Epp, director, Veterinary Nursing Program, CVM; Dr. Thomas Jeitschko, interim provost, MSU; Dr. Bo Norby, associate dean for Academic Programs—Pre-clinical, CVM (Front row) Arpita Nayak, dual-enrolled DVM/PhD student, CMIB, CVM; Kaylee Barker, third-year Veterinary Nursing student; Anna Zuver, second-year Veterinary Nursing student; Patrick Dine, DVM candidate, Class of 2023 president; Alexia Mazzarella, DVM candidate, Class of 2024 president; Dr. Colleen Hegg, director, Comparative Medicine and Integrative Biology Graduate Program, CVM