The magazine of the College of Veterinary Medicine
at Michigan State University
Spring 2013

Emergency and Critical Care
Doctors Matthew Beal, Ari Jutkowitz, and Amy Koenigshof have saved their share of lives, but the Emergency and Critical Care Medicine (ECCM) team at the MSU Veterinary Medical Center has a broader mission—one that simultaneously advances education, research, and medical care for small animals.

The Next Generation in Emergency Veterinary Care
Students interested in emergency and critical care find a number of opportunities to get hands-on experience in critical care through the Student Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society. SVECCS provides an organized structure for students to become involved during the preclinical phase of the DVM program.

New DVM creates career in Thailand
Just days after her May 3 commencement, Erica Ward will be on a plane, heading for the Elephant Nature Park (ENP) in Thailand’s Chiang Mai province where she’s been hired as a full-time veterinarian.

Restoring a National Symbol
After a storm in 2011, veterinary researchers in northern Michigan found a nest with two orphaned bald eagle chicks trapped inside. One was missing much of its right wing, and it was clear they’d been trapped for several days. At the Veterinary Medical Center, they were treated by Dr. James Sikarskie and resident Dr. Justin Schlanser.

Lucky mule's life-saving surgery
When Lucky the mule was five weeks old, he fractured his tibia rushing around a fence. At the urging of his daughter, Lucky's owner brought him to MSU where a team of large animal and small animal veterinarians repaired the injury that most often requires euthanasia in a large animal.

Under the microscope
When an animal at the Veterinary Medical Center needs to be diagnosed quickly, chances are that one or more tests will be run at the clinical pathology laboratory. The Clinical Pathology Lab, one of the eleven service sections at the Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health, is housed just steps away from the VMC.

Exhibit Celebrates History of Veterinary Medicine
For many, the future is the focus of veterinary medicine. Veterinarians conduct research in search of new ways to improve human and animal life, and to advance medical practice. But understanding history brings important insights to the practice of veterinary medicine.

Santoro-Beer (DVM ’09) takes on the challenges of critical care
The mentorship, camaraderie, and a strong sense of community in emergency and critical care drew Kari Santoro-Beer (DVM ’09) to the specialty and continue to animate her work. She is now also involved with VetGirl, an online tool for delivering clinical tips, new literature, and updates in veterinary medicine.

Elisa Mazzaferro (DVM ‘97) Cool Under Pressure
Elisa Mazzaferro (DVM ’97) had not intended to specialize in emergency and critical care medicine when she began the DVM program at MSU, but her mind was set in the middle of her third year. Her first clinical rotation was in the emergency and critical care unit, and Mazzaferro quickly felt at home in the environment.