• Development and implementation of a fish health initiative for Michigan inland and Great Lakes fisheries (funded by MDNR, Grant # 190000001012)
  • Investigating infectious diseases as a “bottleneck” to lake whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis) recruitment (funded by GLFT, Grant # 2018.1806)
  • Assessing the risk of emergent and endemic fish pathogens to Great Lakes lake sturgeon populations (funded by USFWS-GLFWRA, Grant # F19AP00229)
  • Flavobacterial diversity and its effect on disease in aquaculture (funded by USDA, Grant # 2016-67015-24891)
  • Identification of the risks of emerging flavobacteria to early life stages of farmed salmonids and development of improved control strategies (funded by USDA, Grant # 2016-70007-25756)
  • Re-emergence of epizootic epitheliotropic disease virus: potential effects and development of improved diagnostics and control measures (funded by GLFT, Grant # 2014.1455)

Check back soon, as several more research grant-funded projects are set to commence!