Contact Information


Veterinary Medical Center - North Building (Wings A - E)
736 Wilson RD, Room Room D208
East Lansing, MI 48824


  • DVM, University of Illinois
  • MS, Michigan State University
  • BS, University of Arizona

Dr. Danielle Marturello completed her surgical residency training at MSU with a dual Master of Science program. Her work focused on the development of a feline bone substitute and mechanical testing of feline orthopedic implants, and has been presented at both national and international meetings. Marturello, Dr. Karen Perry, and Dr. Loïc Déjardin were also the first to publish clinical results from the feline I-Loc, an interlocking nail implant developed by Déjardin.

Marturello is particularly interested in traumatology and biomechanical testing of orthopedic implants. Her current research activities, in addition to mechanical testing, are focused on 3D printing with interest in development of patient-specific instrumentation and implant design.