Preveterinary medicine is a non-degree granting designation, which means, after successfully completing 56 credit hours (including transfer credits) students must choose a degree-granting major. There is no preference for a particular major in the selection of candidates for admission to the DVM Program.

Most students choose animal science, but other majors include dietetics, education, psychology, zoology, and fisheries and wildlife. You may select any major that meets your educational interests, as long as you complete the prerequisite courses (link to PreVet Curriculum page) required for admission to the DVM Program. If you select a limited enrollment major, you may have to meet additional admission requirements.

Once you declare a major, you must meet with an advisor for that major plus remain in contact with preveterinary advisors. Preveterinary advisors will provide continued guidance to prepare you for a competitive application to the DVM Program.

Selecting a Major

Note: A bachelor’s degree is not required to apply and be admitted to the DVM Program. You only need to complete the prerequisite courses necessary for admission to the DVM Program. If you have not earned a bachelor’s degree before being admitted to the DVM Program, you may earn a bachelor’s degree while completing coursework for the DVM Program.