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The purpose of the PFAS in Pets study is to find out if pets are affected in the same way as their owners by PFAS. In order to do this, our team will compare the results of your pet’s blood work to your own bloodwork analyzed by the MiPEHS study. We will also be looking for ways pets get exposed to PFAS. We will collect and analyze environmental samples such as household dust, pet food, and pet bowl water in some homes.

This study is being conducted in 1) the City of Parchment and Cooper Township in Kalamazoo County, and 2) Belmont/Rockford area in Kent County. Pets of participants who joined the MiPEHS study are eligible to join.

At the end of the study, you will receive a detailed report of your pet’s blood work analysis. If your home was chosen for the environmental study, you will also receive an analysis of the amount of PFAS found in your home’s dust, your pet’s food, and the pet bowl water.

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We believe that dogs and cats are exposed to the same sources of PFAS as their owners and will have similar health effects. Understanding the most likely sources of PFAS exposure for household pets and identifying exposure–related health effects (PFAS levels and specific enzymes/hormones) in those animals may alert veterinary clinicians to potential sources of contamination in the home and ultimately protect the lives of the children and animals who live there.

By participating in this study, you will learn more about your health and your pet’s health. Each participant in the study will receive their pet’s results, data comparing their pet’s blood chemistry to their own bloodwork, and information on how their pet compares to other pets in the area. This will help you to look out for warning signs and provide the best care for yourself and your pet(s).