Contact Information

Phone: 517-432-1385


Anthony Hall
474 S Shaw Ln, Room Room 1230d
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824


  • BS, Virginia Tech, 1992
  • MS, Ohio State University, 1995
  • PhD, Ohio State University, 1998
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Kansas Medical Center, 1999-2003

Research Program

  • Elucidation of the mechanisms of maternal immunological tolerance to the semi-allogeneic fetus
  • Determination of the long-term effects of pregnancy on women’s health
  • Increase our understanding of the contribution of autoimmune disease on male and female fertility

Current Investigation

  • Investigation of the functions of extracellular vesicles in pregnancy
  • Exploration of the effects of pregnancy-induced changes in the maternal immune system on long-term cancer risk
  • Uncover the mechanisims of immune-mediated ovarian malfunction in a model of autoimmune disease

Funding Sources

  • National Institute of Child Health and Development
  • Michigan State University
  • AgBioResearch

Teaching Interests

  • General Immunology
  • Reproductive Physiology
  • Cell Biology
  • Histology


  • BioMolecular Science Gateway Graduate Admissions Committee
  • Pathobiology and Diagnostic Investigation
  • Associate Editor, Biology of Reproduction
  • Past member, Pregnancy and Neonatology Study Section,
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