Vet-A-Visit 2016

Student Pictures
Vet tech students helped make it happen. (top photo, left to right) Shelby Meyer, Darian Standal, Kelly Braden, Kelsi Reszke, Jessica Knowles, Sarah Kaiser, and Michelle Adamski. With Cypher and Cali the Huskies. Not pictured: Katie Braden, Katie Butzen, Rachel Lutz, Kelsey Landry, Kourtni Hyde, MaKayla Priest, and Emilie Witherspoon. The Vet-a-Visit steering committee in alphabetical order: Taylor Chambers, Jacqueline Maeroff, Nikki Risselmann, Clayton Siegle, Jennifer Travers, Craig Willette. Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sarah Abood Thanks to vet-a-visit volunteers and visitors for sharing photos!

Science Made Fun!

Dozens of DVM and vet tech students made 2016 Vet-a-Visit the most successful ever. Thousands of visitors from across Michigan came out in very chilly weather. The College’s volunteers were joined by students from the College of Human Medicine and clubs and groups around campus. The MSU Polo Club came out, and so did the Dressage Club.

Interactive events like the Teddy Bear Surgery Clinic, Milk-A-Cow, Wildlife Restraint, and Heartworm Tunnel gave potential future veterinarians a close-up look at their interests. Future veterinarians also got some nuts and bolts information in presentations for potential veterinary and veterinary technology programs. Other highlights included the equine treadmill—telecast to the overflow crowd in the auditorium, Zeke the Wonder Dog, and a police dog presentation and demonstration.

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Wade O. Brinker: Innovator, Advocate, Mentor

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Sun Young Kim: The Next Generation

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