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Exhibit Showcases History of Equine Medicine March 09, 2016

"The History of Equine Anatomy in Veterinary Medicine" exhibit will run through March 31st at the MSU Library. 

One Filly's Journey: Week 1 February 23, 2016

Our first neonatal patient of the season came in soon after birth. This is the journal of the filly’s first week—from non-responsive critical condition to heading home for continued care. 

Chrome's Recovery February 18, 2016

This six-year-old paint gelding bolted in a thunder storm and a hinge from the stall door lodged in his shoulder. He developed an infection that was rapidly progressing when he came to MSU.

Management of an extensive and infected wound in the proximal forelimb of a horse January 01, 2016

Chrome, a six-year-old Paint gelding, presented to the MSU Veterinary Medical Center Equine Emergency Service for evaluation of a non-healing wound on his right shoulder. Two weeks prior to his presentation, Chrome was injured by a stall latch, causing a fullthickness laceration on his right shoulder.

Successful Treatment of Acute-on-Chronic Renal Failure in a Horse By Lisa Tadros on October 01, 2015

A 13-year-old Holsteiner gelding named Fender presented to the Large Animal Internal Medicine service at the MSU Veterinary Medical Center for evaluation of apparent abdominal discomfort and agitation.