Posted March 08, 2024

Monday, March 4 was 2024's the Veterinary Internship and Residency Matching Program's Match Day, which means current and soon-to-be veterinarians across the country were notified of the facilities they will soon be joining for residencies or internships.

It's a big day—a day that defines the next several years of their careers and lives. They learn the environment where they will establish or continue to develop their early careers, and also make lifelong friends and connections, find new homes, discover new favorite restaurants, make fantastic memories—all as they grow their clinical skills.

For everyone's hard work, determination, and repeated accomplishments, the College congratulates you—however the big day shook out. Your community is enormously proud of you, and grateful for the work you do!

Armen Brus Emily Patton 2
Armen Brus and Emily Patton, 4th-year DVM students
Caitlyn Yunker 2
Dr. Caitlyn Yunker, Emergency and Critical Care Intern
Courtney Weaver 3
Dr. Courtney Weaver, rotating intern
Hailey Maresca Fichter
Hailey Maresca-Fichter, 4th-year DVM student
Jordan Fansler And Vanessa Raphtis 1
Dr. Jordan Fanser, ophthalmology intern, and Vanessa Raphtis, 4th-year DVM student
Lauren Alfino 4
Dr. Lauren Alfino, medical oncology intern
Marlene Kelley Kaitlyn Bunde 2
Marlene Kelley and Kaitlyn Bunde, 4th-year DVM students