Posted February 25, 2022

On behalf of all our patients, we thank everyone who participated and helped make this event such an outstanding success.

Vmc Blankets 1
Some of Saturday's donations.

On the weekend of February 19 and 20, the MSU Veterinary Medical Center hosted its first-ever blanket/towel drive. The Hospital goes through a couple hundred blankets and towels every single day. These critical items help provide comfort and a sense of home for the patients in our care, but we needed help from our community as we were running low and weren't able to access as many as we needed.

Vmc Blankets 2
Some of Sunday's donations.

Thanks to this amazing community, more than 20 large laundry bins were filled with gently used towels, blankets, quilts, and comforters! Some were even handmade, and we expect more to be mailed and dropped off in the near future. We couldn't be more grateful, nor could we be more excited to host another event.

Vmc Blankets 3
More than 20 of these bins were filled.

On donation, all items were sorted and laundered with our on-site laundry service. Due to this incredible generosity, we now have more than enough cozy items to keep our patients comfortable and help remind them of home.