Posted May 11, 2016
Mason And Stuffed Animals
Mason recovering at MSU

The Devoted Barn rescues and rehabilitates animals that come from situations of extreme cruelty or neglect, large-scale hoarding, or that are feral. The group then works with at-risk youth and adults with special needs to help rehabilitate the animals.

“Our goal is to teach compassion and empathy through positive action,” said Melissa, founder of The Devoted Barn, located about 30 miles south of Detroit. 

The group doesn’t just work with dogs and cats. They take in large animals of all kinds, which is why Melissa got the call about Mason, a four-week old red lamb from a wildlife rescue.

“I brought him to MSU the day he came into our care,” Melissa said. She has been bringing animals to the MSU Veterinary Medical Center for about two years. “I come to MSU because not only do I feel they are the best, but because my cases are almost always unusual. I feel they make good teaching cases.” 

Mason’s case was a dramatic one. He was unable to stand on his left front leg, which was extremely swollen. Clinicians at the Hospital performed radiographs, which showed that Mason had a serious infection in the bone and joint. He also had a small abscess on the right side of his body. The clinicians administered antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory medications. They drained and flushed the elbow and abscess. 

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Mason and Melissa at The Devoted Barn

The infection persisted. This led to part of the elbow joint being crushed, making it unstable. Amputation was determined to be Mason’s best option, and Melissa consented.

Mason’s treatment was much more complex than originally anticipated, but the College of Veterinary Medicine’s Big Babies Fund was able to help Melissa pay for some of it. The fund provides financial support for treatment of newborn large animals in MSU’s Veterinary Medical Center. Medical expenses for newborn animals are generally unanticipated and can be substantial.

“That was very unexpected and greatly appreciated,” Melissa said.

Today, Mason is back on his feet back at the Devoted Barn.

“He is doing great, getting around well, and being very spoiled,” Melissa said.

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