Posted May 08, 2023

Every spring, the MSU College of Veterinary Medicine honors faculty, staff, alumni, and other members of our community who have been granted awards and other distinctions throughout the year. This includes internal and external recognitions.

Alumni Awards

Dr. Brian A. Scansen - Distinguished DVM Alumni Award, Practitioner: This award goes to an individual who has distinguished himself or herself in practice for a sustained period of time and who has added great value to the veterinary community through excellence in practice, exemplary professionalism, and outstanding service.

Dr. Vincent T. Scialli - Distinguished DVM Alumni Award, Non-Practitioner: This award goes to an individual who similarly has excelled in public practice with government, corporate, military, or academic entities and added significant value to the profession and to his or her organization.

Dr. Thomas Mullaney - Distinguished DVM Alumni Award, Postdoctoral: This award goes to an individual who has either received a master’s degree or a doctor of philosophy degree under the direction of a member of the College’s faculty or completed an internship or residency program at the College.

Margaret Bodiya - Distinguished Veterinary Nursing Alumni Award: The recipient of the Distinguished Veterinary Nursing Alumni Award has received a Bachelor of Science degree in Veterinary Technology/Nursing or a Certificate of Completion in Veterinary Technology/Nursing from the College, and has excelled in practice, teaching, research, service, or organized veterinary medicine.

Dr. Micheal Blackwell & Dr. Frank Nickels - Honorary Alumni Award: This award goes to non-alumni member of the College community who has been both distinctive and distinguished in one or more of the College’s mission areas—teaching, research, or service. In recognition of sustained excellence and the great credit this person has brought to Michigan State University, the College officially names him or her an honorary alumnus.

Staff and Faculty Awards

Krehbiel Distinguished Staff Award
Geoffrey Grzesiak
Janet Hengesback

CVM Unsung Hero Award
Dr. Nyssa Levy

CVM Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award
Dr. Olivia Child

Zoetis Teaching Award
Dr. Harold Schott


These are the staff and faculty who have most recently retired. We wish them the happiest retirements!

  • Yvonne Hartig, VMC, Animal Caretaker
  • Jolynne Judge, Veterinary Nursing Program, Specialist-Teacher Continuing System
  • Josselyn Miller, VMC, Customer Service Manager
  • Dr. Helene Pazak, Veterinary Medicine Dean, Associate Dean for Academic Programs-Clinical Education and Director of Accreditation
  • Dr. Michael Scott, PDI, Associate Professor with Tenure
  • Terry Strong-Donaldson, VDL, Laboratory Technologist
  • Keith Willard, VMC, Scientific Instrument Facility Coordinator

View last year's honorees here.

If you would like to view the recorded livestream of the ceremony, click below.

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