Posted February 24, 2023
Featuring Hilda Mejia Abreu

On Monday, February 13, 2023, Michigan State University held the Excellence in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Awards Ceremony. The award recognizes and celebrates the exceptional DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) work performed by units, teams and individuals across the university, and across disciplines. Nominees are advocates, teachers, organizers, and more who enact change and foster inclusive environments.

Among the individual awardees is Dr. Hilda Mejia Abreu, the College of Veterinary Medicine’s associate dean for admissions, student life and inclusivity. Highlighted among Dr. Abreu’s accomplishments in DEI is her hand in developing the College’s first DEI Strategic Plan as well as her work reassessing college recruiting policies to be more inclusive and equitable, resulting in a more diverse student body.

Upon acceptance of the award Dr. Abreu stated, “Veterinary medicine has a compelling interest in diversifying the classes of medical students and eventually the profession.” She noted today’s veterinary students know that as professionals they will serve clients from all walks of life – understanding that makes clinics, hospitals, labs, and the College itself, a more welcoming place for all people and patients. Dr. Abreu added, “This is not my award; this is the College’s award. Everyone in this college of veterinary medicine contributed to the analysis of the policies and to making those changes.”