June 14, 2021 8:26 AM

Beginning Monday, June 14, 2021, the MSU Veterinary Medical Center will allow clients into the building with patients. Find details here.

Any patient presented to the MSU Small Animal Emergency Service will undergo an initial medical evaluation to determine if urgent care is needed, and whether hospitalization is warranted. The MSU Small Animal Emergency Service will only hospitalize patients that our clinicians consider to be unstable or to have life-threatening conditions.

By Katheryn L. Sullivan Kutil on March 13, 2019
Featuring Harold Schott

The participant blogs

MSU DVM students and large animal faculty journey to Veracruz, Mexico, for Equine Welfare in Practice clerkship.

Dr. Hal Schott, professor for the MSU Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences, along with Drs. Jose Casillas, Melissa Esser, and Marc Kinsley, journeyed with a group of eight students to Veracruz, Mexico for the 2019 Equitarian Clerkship to Veracruz, Mexico. Two Michigan Veterinarians, Drs. Jeff Bunn and Matthew Davis also accompanied them.

The students and faculty created a full report that tells the story of their experience. It includes photos, clinical-specific details regarding their cases, and the many great memories they all gained through this adventure. The report, arranged by day, can be found in the green box to your right.

Instagram as a story-teller

Megan Ahearne


Rachel Baumgardner


Featuring DVM students Rachel Baumgarnder, DVM Class of 2019; Kathleen Grace, DVM Class of 2019; Anne Meyers, DVM Class of 2019; Roya Oliai, DVM Class of 2019; Katelynn Youatt (Shaw), DVM Class of 2019; Megan Ahearne, DVM Class of 2020; Skylar Thompson, DVM Class of 2020; and Kaytlyn Voirol, 2020.

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