Preveterinary medicine is a non-degree granting major designation available to freshman and sophomore students at Michigan State University. It gives students access to the information, people, and resources to best prepare them for the DVM program application. In addition to the DVM program application, students can be admitted to the College through one of our DVM Admission Pathways.

Students must choose a degree-granting major after successfully completing 56 credit hours, including transfer credits. There is no preference for a particular major in the selection of candidates for admission to the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Program. A student may select any major of their choice that meets their educational interests, as long as they complete the prerequisite courses.

A full list of majors

Once a student declares a major, they must meet with their major advisor while remaining in contact with prevet advisors. Prevet advisors will provide continued guidance in preparing for a competitive application to the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Program

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