Contact Information

Phone: 517-432-4685


Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
4125 Beaumont RD BLDG 0215, Room 165
Lansing, MI 48910


  • DVM, Michigan State University, 1990
  • Residency, University of California, Davis, 1999-2002
  • PhD, University of California, Davis, 2006
  • Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Pathologists

Research Program

  • To understand and document the reproductive pathology of free-ranging and captive wildlife, particularly when contracepted pharmacologically, hormonally, or by husbandry and management. Particular species of interest include: Elephants, polar bears, large carnivores, and amphibians.
  • To develop pathology tools and protocols that can be used throughout the world, particularly in the developing world to enhance conservation and food safety.

Current Investigations

  • Reproductive lesions of captive suids (warthog, babirusa, red river hogs, peccaries)
  • Ovarian carcinoma in jaguars
  • Reprodutive lesions of polar bears
  • Reproductive and apocrine gland diseases of African painted dogs
  • Digital tools to enhance pathology collaborations with colleagues in Africa

Funding Sources

  • Assocation of Zoos and Aquaria
  • American Association of Zoo Veterinarians
  • USDA

Teaching Interests

  • Reproductive pathology
  • Comparative pathology
  • Necropsy (postmortem) techniques
  • International collaboration in medicine
PubMed Research