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Rural Services and New Horizons April 01, 2016 Over Spring Break, five MSU DVM students went on a veterinary service trip to White Mountain Apache Reservation.
Non-surgical solution to traumatic spinal cord injury in a Dalmatian January 01, 2016

Given the degree and extensive nature of the hematoma, removal could potentially cause permanent paralysis. It was also possible that once the old hematoma was removed from the spinal cord, the Neurology team may not be able to control new arterial hemorrhaging, given the limited visual surgical field. 

Giving Back: The Lucky Fund December 30, 2015

Sue Williams donates to the MSU Veterinary Medical Center’s Lucky Fund in memory of Haley.

Laser Treatment for Sugar November 02, 2015

Since having minimally invasive surgery at the Veterinary Medical Center, Sugar's incontinence has completely disappeared. It's been a wonderful change for Sugar and the entire family.

Laser Ablation of an Intramural Ectopic Ureter in a Labrador Retriever By Daniel Langlois on October 01, 2015

Sugar, a 4.5-month-old intact female Labrador Retriever, had dribbled urine her entire life. The incontinence was frequent, occurring both while sleeping and awake. Also of concern, Sugar developed urinary tract infections. Her veterinarian treated the infection with antibiotics, but unfortunately, antibiotic treatment did not improve her urinary incontinence. 

Helping Dogs and Humans Heal September 01, 2015
Allie's Story July 08, 2015

Allie was treated at the Veterinary Medical Center for heart conditions called pulmonic stenosis and ventrical septal defect.

Iodine 131 to treat thyroid carcinoma in “Rocco” from Israel July 01, 2015

A seven-year-old Labrador cross from Israel named Rocco was presented to Michigan State University Veterinary Medical Center (MSU VMC) Oncology service to discuss treatment options for his recently diagnosed thyroid carcinoma. Six months previously, Rocco’s owner had noticed enlargement in the laryngeal area of his neck.