Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our diverse community challenges us to share our own ideas while considering other points of view. Here, differences are assets. They make us better learners, teachers, scholars, employees, and community members.


Diversity is defined as the state or quality of being different, and as individuals we are all uniquely different.

MSU's inclusive culture extends far beyond the perimeter of campus. In our global research and outreach efforts, we focus our vast capabilities on society’s most pressing challenges and enhance quality of life for individuals and communities worldwide.


To be an INCLUSIVE campus is to RESPECT and VALUE differences and to encourage and create opportunities to capitalize on those differences.

As a central focal point for diversity and inclusion at MSU, the Office for Inclusion:

  • COUNSELS, assists and collaborates with units in their efforts to recruit and retain DIVERSE faculty, staff and students.
  • MONITORS the University's recruitment, hiring, advancement, and retention efforts for diversity at MSU.
  • EDUCATES and builds capacity for effective cross-cultural engagement within and outside the classroom, and within the work environment.
  • SHARES best practices that advance diversity, inclusion and cultural competency.